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Marble/Natural Stone

Welcome to Specialized Surfaces

Specialized Surfaces is one of the few companies that specialize in not only custom installation of stone and tile, but in the maintenance of it as well. We know stone from the ground up and are trained in the most advanced methods available to help preserve your stone’s natural beauty and appearance. Some of our methods include Diamond Sanding and Deep-Pore Steam Cleaning. Our skilled professionals can restore any and all stone surfaces without the use of any cover-ups (i.e. waxes or films). We take pride in the quality of our craft and in being able to offer our customers the benefits of our experience in this highly specialized field. Here are some of the services that we offer.

Diamond Pad Restoration for Marble and Natural Stone:

We offer the latest technology of Diamond Sanding to refinish your floors to their original beauty. This process is performed to remove light scratches and damaged areas to make you stone uniform in appearance. You may also choose the desired finish you want from matte to high gloss finish. This process also includes sealing.

Marble and Natural Stone Installation:

Not only are we expert installer, but because of our expertise we are often called to repair faulty installations that were performed by other companies. Because of this, we can guarantee that you will get a quality and lasting installation job and we can use our experience to help you with recommendations. We also offer all wholesale pricing on most types of natural stone and tile.

Deep Cleaning for Marble and Natural Stone:

Dirt loves to hide in stone and grout. Brushes and pads cannot penetrate in their pores to get all the contaminants out. We use our patented steam cleaning systems to clean your stone and grout of dirt, stains and bacteria.. We can also remove waxes and polymers that have built up over the years. We then seal your stone to facilitate easier maintenance for the long haul.

Repairs, Countertops and Tiles:

We can not only replace tiles or slabs, we can also repair unsightly cracks, holes and pits on all natural stone countertops and tiles. We use advance repair techniques including use of epoxies and resins.

Marble and Natural Stone Polishing:

With our services we can bring back the polish to your existing stone or polish out a stone that has never been polished before.

Marble and Natural Stone Sealing:

We offer a wide variety of sealer to protect and preserve your stone’s natural beauty. Let us help you decide which is right for you.

Color Enhancing for Marble and Natural Stone:

The use of penetrating sealers/impregnators formulated to enhance or enrich the color of your stone.

Re-grout and Grout Staining:

Not only can we restore your natural stone, we can regrout, repair or color stain your grout to make it look great as well.

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